Gnome Recovery


I have noticed a recovery of local bird populations relative to 2012/13/14. A blending is occurring, importing gnome content from far away and inserting into the gnome for various species whose populations were injured or decimated by Fukushima radioactive contamination.

Each gnome contains instructions to grow a living being. The gnome determines how many arms, legs, eyes, etc., that an organism will have. Each gnome also defines how the organism’s various organs work together to sustain life. But also, the gnome contains behaviors and instincts–such as a salmon’s drive to enter a river and swim upstream to procreate.

Despite the reappearance of species whose populations were decimated by Fukushima fallout, some local populations were completely lost, along with their localized instincts and behaviors. Neighboring populations fill the geographic void, with a different gnome, with an ill-fitting set of behaviors and instincts. It will take generations for the gnome to re-acclimate to the new geography.

If this happens on too grand of scale, the web of life could be critically damaged.

The situation is analogous to a new car that is involved in a crash. The body shop can make it look new again but it will never drive like it did before it was crashed.